DIY Flooring

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Ok, you know you need to do something about the floors in your home, but is there a diy flooring kit you could use to speed thing up? The answer is yes, there are various diy flooring kits, but first you have to decide on what type of flooring you want to use in your home.

diy wooden floors

There are many different options for flooring, which can entirely change the look of a room. You can use carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tiles and the list goes on. Think carefully about the room, and its purpose. Is there likely to be water spillage?



If there is, laminate flooring may not be your best choice, since water can collect under the laminate without you knowing it is there, until the level rises, and stepping on the laminate forces water up between the boards - and yes, I am speaking from experience! There was laminate flooring in the laundry and furnace room, and very nice it looked too. But the water heater began leaking, and it wasn't until the water started seeping between the boards that we knew we had a big problem. Water had seeped all over the basement floor, and the result was that that very nice laminate floor had to be ripped out. It is now a tiled floor, with the tiles stuck firmly to the cement basement, so no water can collect under them. We all learn by our mistakes, right?

However, tiling might not suit your need either.

diy flooring tiles

Ceramic tiles can be very cold on the feet, so keep that in mind too, although it does depend to some extent on the type of heating system you have in the house. But you can use vinyl tiles which are not as cold to the touch, and some are self-sticking, so it is easy to get a room done in a day, provided you follow the instructions carefully, and don't miss out any steps. Perhaps one of the most important things is to prepare the floor first. If there are any bumps, these will eventually show through the vinyl, so make sure you fill cracks and crevices with a self-levelling agent.

Hardwood floors look classy and clean easily, but removing stains on this type of flooring can be challenging. The best advice is to be prepared for spills in all the places you don't expect with food you don't expect - it's not always children that drop things after all!

This advice is for whatever kind of flooring you have, things will be dropped or spilled, and they will stain if you are not careful.

Of course carpets of rugs can make a room seem warmer and cozier, but these floor coverings can retain dirt and dust more than tiles and wooden floors. They may not help people with allergies, or pet owners who may have to spend longer cleaning carpets to get them free of pet odours and hair.

Once you have chosen the type of tiling material, have a look at the diy flooring kits available to you. By doing it yourself, you can easily save money, but will you be happy with the result? That depends on your diy flooring abilities, and only you can answer that!