Gutter Maintenance

 The maintenance of gutters is something that many of us DIY Repairing Gutters diy folk forget until the weather turns bad and a problem occurs. If the rain gutters are functioning poorly, they can cause problems eroding the foundation, or causing leaks into the basement.

So what should you do? While the weather is reasonable, consider inspecting all the gutters to see whether they are in good condition, or whether they need replacing. And of course, keeping them clean and clear of leaves and twigs is important. It is much more pleasant to do this when the weather is still warm, although of course the gutters will not be full of this year's leaves! Still, you can do the check, and make sure all is going to work well for the next winter. 

 So, to check the gutters, you need a sturdy ladder to support you safely while you do the check. Make sure you check the downspouts too, and if they have screens at the top replace any that are damaged.

If any of the spikes holding the gutter to the fascia board have come loose which they tend to over time, drive them back in, or replace them with longer spikes for better support. Check that all downspouts are attached properly too. If your gutters are leaking, this will probably be at a join, so use rubber tape or adhesive tape to repair the joint.

If you are not a diy person, or cannot handle being at the top of a ladder, you do have other options these days. New technology has produced rain gutters that will never see a leaf or twig in them, but of course, you have to pay for this luxury! These are recommended for some houses in colder regions, because the gutter is covered, so it allows water droplets in, but not leaves, twigs, or ice. This can stop the build up of water behind an ice jam, and so reduce some of the problems it can create. 

And even though you may have done your inspection in decent weather, don't forget to clean out leaves and debris before the freezing weather gets here. It's one job a diy gutter person can do quite easily, and it can stop other nasty stuff happening!