How Can I Improve My DIY Garage?

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Most houses these days have their own garages, but not all garages look that great, so it is important to know how you can improve your diy garage. Any improvements that you make to your garage can significantly add to the value of your home, and you’ll feel better about your garage too.

Ok, so what can you do that will improve your garage? This depends a great deal on the uses of the garage and its size. Do you use it just for your car? Or does it get odds and ends thrown in there? Is there room to put shelves up in there, or better still cupboards or cabinets that can totally hide your clutter – in other words, cupboards can help you organize the garage!

There are many diy kits you can purchase to get your garage organized quickly, and the effort you take will soon be rewarded. But first you need to make sure that by putting in shelves or cupboards of a certain depth that you will still be able to get your car, or cars into the garage, and still open the doors to get out. If space is tight, then you may want to consider using half size cupboards, positioned above the height of the car. This should enable you to get in and out of your car as before, but the added shelf space can take away some of the cluttered look.

One of the easiest things to do is to buy a garage parking mat. This is a large mat that will cover the concrete of your garage, thus protecting it from all those car fluids that drip onto it, and not just oil, but snow, slush and rain too. Some of these mats have variegated tread, so it will reduce the chances of you slipping on fluids there. There are other garage protectors that have a soft felt cover which is ideal if your children like to play in the garage. This mat will also protect the concrete if you use the garage as a workshop and are likely to have bits of glue etc dropping on the ground. And the mat just plain makes the garage look much better!

The size of the garage mat is entirely up to you, you can just use one underneath your car, or do the complete garage. This latter option really does make the garage look so much better and cared for. The mats are heavy duty, and should last for years, and the look it gives the garage is amazing.

If you are forever opening your car doors too wide in the garage, you might want to consider either putting something on the doors to protect them, or putting a shield on the garage walls to protect them form your door. It will look better than dinted walls, that’s for sure.

So these are just a few ways that you can improve your diy garage while adding to its value and certainly to its appearance.

diy garage bumpers

diy garage bumpers

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